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When I start a coaching relationship with someone, I begin with this question: “What’s been going on in your life/work/relationships—or not going on—that brought you to me; what do you really, really want?”. 

They answer with some variation on this theme: “Jenifer, I just want to…,” and then continue down a trail of justification bordering on apology for articulating (out loud!!) what would mean the world to them. 

After all, we don’t live in a world that’s particularly encouraging of dreamers. Sure, we applaud other people’s accomplishments, but we reserve the word “visionary” for the likes of Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, or others that are up to what we characterize as big, important stuff. 

It couldn’t possibly be visionary to start a small business. It couldn’t possibly be all that important to increase our self care. It couldn’t possibly mean that much to rise to the next level at work, or get better with our finances, or repair relationships long damaged… 

And the moment we judge our vision by the size and scope and potential impact of ours compared to ANY other’s, we stop dreaming, because then we’ve gone from possibility to competition. 

Here’s the thing: Your vision is yours. And even if you don’t know exactly what your vision is or where to start to find it or manifest it, you know that being more purposeful, impactful, and fulfilled is a MUST for you, that to show up any other way is a life half-lived. 

This is my vision: to create a global society of women and men who are dedicated to finding and manifesting their vision and purpose—at work, in love, with money or health, for the greater good…for life, and who leverage their collective brilliance in support of each other’s dreams. 

Fanciful? Perhaps, but these dreams become reality when you match them with concrete actions, focus, determination, and support. 

You see, there’s a process for finding, owning, and manifesting vision, in whatever area of your life, and I’ll be teaching it in my Next Step Breakthrough Course™, a 5-week online intensive on the practical AND profound steps for finding your vision, raising your worth and skills to match it,  and aligning the resources and support for bringing it to life. 

The course begins March 6th, and registration opens soon, so keep your eyes open for those details. 

In the meantime, join our community of fellow visionaries in our free group on Facebook:, and start bringing your dreams to life.

This day, let’s live from vision and possibility; it’s a really great way to go.

With love,