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The Power of the Pause

In the high-demand world we live in, the “go to” move is to push: push for promotion, push your agenda, push information, push for deadlines…push, push, push.
And this strategy isn’t working. Sure, some things are getting done, but at the cost of people’s peace of mind, creativity, initiative, and even their joy. It’s draining and stressful and has far-reaching negative consequences on every aspect of your life. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.
But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if, no matter what, you could find calm, clarity, and the innate wisdom that helps you be more energized and strategic (and therefore, more joyous and impactful) than ever? 
The solution is simple. You must give yourself permission to pause when agitated, uncertain, tired, and stressed, to settle down and find real answers instead of just pushing through another “to do.”
Just pause. Stop what you’re doing, and step back from whatever threatens to sweep you away. 
In that pause—along with a few very deep breaths—you will find the power of intuition and insight that fuels right thinking and action, and truly advances those you serve, at work and at home, yourself included. 
The wisdom that comes from getting grounded and calm is different from what you know intellectually. When you pause and breathe, you go from your head to your “gut,” your sixth sense if you will, and that is where you find the clarity to see things as they are, not better than or worse. 
From that clarity comes the certainty of how to move forward in the most impactful way. 
And you practice this: you pause, breathe, and reflect over and over until it becomes a way of being and then you become that man or woman who—no matter what crazy energy is swirling around you—is cool and discerning and innovative and ready for right action. 
It’s a gift, this “power pause,” to you and your team and your clients and your firm and your family and your community…and the world, because now you’re committed and conditioned to be not only smart, but truly, highly self—, other—, and situationally aware. 
Watch here for the full 5 Step Mindfulness Method: