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I just returned from a seven day cruise with about 300 other entrepreneurs, where we spent the week learning more and better ways to be of service in the world, and I can’t stress enough the power in getting completely out of your routine and environment once in a while for the express purpose of finding your “a ha’s”.

From the moment I stepped off the plane in Miami, to the time on the ship or on shore, to the return from Ft. Lauderdale, I kept my mind open to the possibilities for my life and my business, and how to improve both to be of better service in the world.

Now that’s not to say that in being so open, that I didn’t hit some personal resistance. As a matter of fact, as thrilling as it is to break my pattern for the sake of greater insight, it can be equally difficult to stay open to what arises in that process, especially if it seems super unfamiliar and scary or like a totally new and open road.

Because we humans do like certainty. Even if that state of being isn’t serving our best self and best use, if it’s familiar it can feel like the place to stay, rather than to branch out and try something new.

But I’ve been doing this personal development work for long enough now to know certain things absolutely: If someone who knows me well, whose intentions I trust, makes a suggestion that I automatically resist, I MUST take another moment to consider it. It may not become a new truth for me, but it is always worth considering, because as smart and creative as I am, I can still be blind to things.

And in considering such a shift—of myself or my work—I need to be as attuned to the excitement of such a prospect as I am to the fears.

So on the very first day of the cruise, I was talking about my two businesses: the leadership training and coaching we do for executives, and the personal development workshops and weekends I offer to sober women to explore what’s next for their lives. As I was describing these two enterprises, a very close friend said, “Why don’t you offer the transformational weekends to a broader audience, to anyone who wants the clarity and confidence you’re talking about, let those from the sober community be attracted to it by that part of your story, but not exclude those who want the learning who identify with other parts of your story?”

And when she suggested that, I automatically defended my position of offering my workshops to sober women in particular, feeling like maybe I was abandoning them somehow or diluting my message if I were to offer the same opportunity to a broader audience.

As the cruise continued, I got on the mic at one of our learning sessions, and introduced myself as someone who leads transformational workshops and retreats for sober women to find and own “what’s next” for their lives.

And after that session, over the next several days, at least half a dozen women came up to me and said, “I heard what you do, and that’s something I’d really like for my life, to figure out what’s next, but I’m not in the sober community, can I come too?”

One by one, they shared their stories of being at a pivotal point in their lives, where they would love the guidance on the next steps with their businesses, their family life, their fitness, their love relationships, their careers.

The fact is, I’ve been in recovery from addiction for more than 33 years, and ever since I started my executive coaching company 16 years ago, I have brought many of those life-changing principles to my executives, and in turn, have shared leadership skills from the corporate world with people in my sober community, as a sponsor, speaker, and in workshops. I just haven’t ever done it in such an obvious way for both.

Until now.

One after the other, as these people shared their personal stories and struggles, it became more and more clear to me that it’s time to bring all of these principles together for everyone—anyone, really—who is at a pivotal point in their life, and is determined to learn the strategies, tools, and skills to break through to “what’s next.”

Sobriety is a major part of my story, one I’ve never been shy to share where I thought it would be helpful, but also one I didn’t lead with in case it might be a distraction.

This trip—and the not-so-gentle-but-still-loving nudge of my friend and the Universe—showed me that the very best thing I can do is to bring all of me to everyone I might serve in awakening their best selves, living their best lives, and boldly carrying their message.

And so it is.

I’m home now, and my next step is to schedule the online breakthrough workshops that will lead to our first Next Step Breakthrough Retreat™, which will be for ANYONE who wants the clarity and confidence to break through to what’s next for them, in love, at work, with money or health…for life!!

More will be revealed, I can’t wait to share it all with you!!

Until next time,