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I am not a runner. 

That was my claim, but the picture below of me mid-NYC Marathon 2016 would suggest otherwise. 

Every time the subject of running would come up, I would say things like, “I am not a runner, I don’t run unless someone is chasing me with a gun!” That was my story, and I was sticking with it.

But then, two years ago, I decided to try to run. I was compelled to be in better physical condition, and running seemed like a simple way to do that (though not easy, based on what I’d made up about my inabilities). I got a training app, and started walking and running, (more the former than the latter), until eventually I was running more than walking, then running the whole way, then running races, then qualifying for the marathon, training for the marathon, running the marathon, and ultimately finishing the marathon.

And now, I am a marathoner, which is a 100% shift in my former identity. I challenged myself physically and mentally in a way I never thought was possible…until it was.

There is nothing that has greater influence on any aspect of your life—for better or for worse—than your “stories,” or what you tell yourself is right, true or possible. And when it comes to being the most mindful, agile, impactful leader you can be, it is imperative that we examine these “identity statements” to see if they support that potential. For a simple 3-step process for breaking through limiting beliefs, please click here for more info. 

Have an amazing day!