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Restless. Irritable. Stuck. Unfulfilled.

That’s why people come to me; not to set more goals, but to feel more awake and alive, no matter what they’re up to. 

You know how to set goals already. And hit them. And you also know that all the setting and hitting and setting and hitting won’t bring you a lasting sense of happiness, fulfillment, or impact. 

That’s why people come to me. Because they want more. Not more stuff, but to be more, experience more, and impact more. 

Once we help them understand that gratitude and aspiration aren’t mutually exclusive—you CAN love where you are and what you have AND aspire for more growth—we get on with the life-changing work of finding, owning, and living from their genius, purpose, and impact. 

Genius is not what you think. Nor is what you can do. The root word, gignere, actually means “innate spirit, present from birth” and that unique magic—coupled with your values and vision—puts your most energized, authentic self on a true path to bringing your visions to life. 

Because living from your genius creates a level of self-acceptance, love, and admiration that automatically translates to greater confidence, which leads to the clarity of values and vision that fuels a purpose-filled life. 

You may have visions of a stronger bond with your family, of greater joy in your work, of vastly improving your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health…of being fully engaged and aligned with who you are and what matters to you most. Live from genius, find your purpose, and everything else becomes a vehicle to that vision, not just another something to do.

And in this week’s podcast, I do a deeper dive on what opportunities and energy may come when you live, love, and lead from genius, heart, and impact.

Take a listen, and when you’re done, download the attached PDF to find your genius. Then, join us in the Next Step Breakthrough Experience™ community for “the genius challenge,” where we help you focus that genius in one key area of your life for 7 days, and document the extraordinary shifts of confidence, connection, and growth that can come as a result.

You are genius. It’s who you’ve always been. And I’m honored to know you.

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