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Recently, I decided to get serious about getting healthy.

Funny thing is, most people probably assumed I already was. I’m at a “decent” weight, and I’m physically quite active (between exercise, dance, yoga, etc.).

However, behind the scenes, I was completely out of alignment with my food choices.

Tons of sugar, processed foods, seeking momentary comfort through the rush of food indulgence rather than food sustenance.

Sure, I’ve seen a million posts from nutrition experts around the world about how to eat better, but as long as it had the word “diet” attached, I was in trouble, because I’ve had a very unhealthy relationship with food for a looooong time, including decades of disordered eating earlier in my sobriety.

Along came Whole30 (this is not a paid endorsement, btw, just my story), which is not a diet, but a “reset”, an opportunity to take out the sugar, grains, processed foods, and dairy that may be the culprits of my low energy, bloating, and intermittent crankiness (read: mood swings), and also examine how I was “using” food.

I was tired of chalking all these ailments up to age and menopause.

So I took the plunge, got the Whole30 book, cleaned out my pantries (yes, I binged on some of the worst of it on the way out, don’t judge ), and started the program.

The first few days were hell. They told me that would happen. But I have persevered, and 9 days in, I feel pretty great.

Physically, I can now stand without feeling so much pain in my hips I wanted to cry. I can take a nap and feel refreshed; not like I’m waking from a coma. I eat delicious food (that I actually prepared!!!), which makes me feel like a grownup. I no longer feel like running someone over for a piece of chocolate.

Best of all, I finally feel fully aligned with the personal vision I set at the beginning of the year with my Next Step Network™ members to be strong, flexible, AND healthy.

Alignment is a beautiful thing, people.